Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Blog?????

OK, I am thinking of creating a new blog (in addition to this one). One that is totally anonymous (a couple people know who I am and read this blog). One just on food, diet, issues and the like. I know that everyone and their brother has a blog like that....but I dont really care. It is not necessarily for people to read, but for me to write. I really feel like I have to focus just on that for a while.

I was inspired by a really great blog I saw - maybe you saw it on CNN:

Check our the is pretty cool.

I know these things:
I am addicted to food
I have tried for most my life to deal with it and can't
I now weight over 250#
My well-being is affected by my weight
I have let myself go, terribly

I don't even know if I can actually do anything that will be successful...but not doing anything isn't getting me anywhere.

So, anyone else out there have an anonymous food blog? does it help?

Would love to hear about it.

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