Monday, April 14, 2008


WOW! I had the best intentions to start chronicling my recovery (because I finally feel as if I am starting to have one!) but I have been to the specialist four times already and haven’t blogged anything! So, here goes….

I am so grateful to have discovered a Functional Medicine specialist in my area (about 1 hr away) who also takes my insurance. My first visit was an hour and, he actually READ the patient medical history form I had filled out. In fact, he highlighted and made notes all over it. There were so many issues he discussed with me…and then he said that we will have to tackle them slowly.

It looks like I have a genetic defect in my body’s ability to manufacture Serotonin at an appropriate rate (which is further supported by the fact that my mother and my daughter both have serious mood disorders). I also have thyroid issues (which I already knew) but being on a T4 synthetic thyroid medication for so many years has thrown off my T3. I most likely have an adrenal problem due a life of extreme stress, beginning in childhood. Additionally, it appears that I might have pernicious anemia (a B12 anemia). There are many other things I haven’t gone into here (IBS, hormones, etc) but I will address them at a later date.

First visit: B12 injections daily for 10 days, Nystatin 500,00U 3X per day, and change my Synthroid to Amour Thyroid 60 mg 2X day (a natural thyroid with T4 & T3, as opposed to synthetic T4 in Synthroid).

It took a few days to see any results but I actually started having a little more energy. However, after the 10 days of injectable B12 ended, I crashed. I called the Dr & he said to refill the rx and we would discuss it on our next visit.

Second visit: Continue the daily B12 injections indefinitely, add 50 mg 5HTP @ night to compliment the SAMe (600mg/day) I have already been taking.

I started noticing a difference in my mood after this visit. I started sleeping a little better and I could tell that I woke up in a better mood, however, that wore off in the late afternoon. I also had a yeast die-off reaction at this point as I started eliminating most sugar from my diet.

Third visit: add 5HTP in the morning to continue the effects throughout the day, ketoconazole 200mg 1X per day for 10 days.

In-between the second and third visit I started taking my Amour Thyroid sublingually. It has helped immensely! See the following for some information on this:

For the first time in years I could tolerate a room less than 72 degrees. My tinnitus is getting better (though certainly not completely gone) and I am feeling a little more energy. My cognitive function has slowly been returning since my first visit. Adding the second dose of 5HTP helped a lot. I am not sure how much the ketoconazole helped.

Fourth visit: add Iodine/Tyrosine 225mcg/500mg 2X day & plantizyme w/each meal.

Apparently, the Tyrosine helps with dopamine production which in turn, helps with norepinephrine and epinephrine, and it will help the B12 & SAMe work better. The iodine assists the thyroid and the plantizyme helps with digestion.

Another change I have made was to my diet. I realized the other day I have been on some diet or another off & on (mostly on) for almost 30 years. I cannot stomach the idea of eating like a rabbit again (pun intended) and if I have to count any more points I am going to hurl! A way to eat that, intuitively makes a lot of sense to me is outlined in a great book by Sally Fallon: Nourishing Traditions (, and a book that I am anxiously awaiting for in the mail is A Life Unburdened: Getting Over Weight and Getting On With My Life chronicling the comedian Richard Morris’ weight loss journey (losing 150#) using this type of eating ( I do not know if this will be the weight loss miracle I have been wanting all my life…and I no longer care. I feel better, my whole family is eating better, and, I haven’t gained any weight which is something …if you only knew what I ate! And, I know as I become more able to exercise and be physically active, the weight will come off.

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