Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eyelashes, dieting, and dogs

Ok, strange title…I know they are not related. However, this is what I want to talk about today.

Eyelashes: Last time I talked about my eyelashes. Well, I decided I would try to get some fake eyelashes to wear to boost what I have.

Well, that was fun. Have any of you tried to wear these things?! I swear, it took me an half an hour to get the things placed correctly and to stick on right. The ends kept coming off. Then, I decided to wear them to McDonalds (since I was going there with the kids). Oh. My. God. I was so self-conscious. I was constantly checking the eyelashes b/c I was afraid they would come off and I would be talking to someone and not know my eyelash had traveled up to my eyebrow!

Well, it seems my fears were well-founded. By the time I got home a few hours later, one eyelash was 3/4s of the way unglued and the ends were coming up on the other one (though, fortunately neither had worked up to my eyebrow).

I am now a little gun-shy when it comes to fake eyelashes. I decided my lashes aren’t so bad after all :-)

I did, however, find this great video on videojug: How to use and apply fake eyelashes

Dieting: Here is what I have realized about me (perhaps this is true for others as well): I am motivated to lose weight when I am unhappy: unhappy about my looks, with my sex-life, with my life in general. Probably because I think losing weight will make me happy. So, I lose weight better when I feel a bit shitty about everything. I guess it is my way to fix everything. However, when I am happy I am more accepting of my weight and am not really motivated to lose.

Unfortunately, I eventually become unhappy about just my weight and then I feel bad again. It is a crazy cycle!

While I am not necessary terribly overweight in my community (many of us wear size 16 or 18 jeans – as I do right now), I desperately need to lose weight. I know that eating right and exercising are one of the main ways I will get better.

Dogs: We are considering getting an autism service dog for our son. There is a breeder/trainer organization close to our home. It all seems like a pretty good idea. However, after he is approved it takes a year to get the dog AND during that year we have to raise almost $14,000. Apparently people are able to do this; it seems a bit daunting to me. I guess I will eventually add "fundraising" to one of my many trades now. It seems I might need to know a lot about it soon.

I am actually pretty excited about this opportunity, even though it is another major project. Our other son is getting ready to have surgery in September; a limb lengthening procedure. He is somewhat young to have this done (five), but it is necessary with his condition and how it is progressing.

This year looks to be as busy and crazy as the last.

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